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"I have always felt that along with a few strong close friends, I could literally change the world." said Consult Square Founder, Jetheda Hernandez. That is the passion and fire that drives our business.

We believe that the world is made up of people who make choices everyday. Choices on what to wear, what to eat or what to drive. Our experiences shape every aspect of our lives. Research shows, that when you have a positive experience with a brand or product, the lifespan of your loyalty to that brand increases. 

Consult Square Group is an Marketing, Business Development and Strategic Planning Firm, with over 20 years experience in marketing, brand development, event logistics and sponsorship development. 

Consult Square Group specializes in providing clients with real brand experiences. Our event and experiential campaigns communicate a brand's truth and develop an emotional connection between the brand and it's customer. 

Contact us today to find out how we can create the perfect plan for your business that will drive growth and continued success and will leave lasting connections and relationships with your clients. 

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Let our team drive your growth to your business through fabulous experiences.

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